What happens when a Jazz singer and a Metal guitarist decide to form a band? What?!
tzwah happens.
Between Jazz and Metal, scratching Blues and Rock with everthing that comes with it.
Something borrowed, something new.

Wayfaring stranger

Composer    //  unknown

Arranger  //     Melanie Thurner,  Georg Hechenberger


Composer   //  Melanie Thurner
Arranger //      Melanie Thurner, Georg Hechenberger


Blue was written in the year 2014 out of a perspective without knowing where the road may lead or if at all. Pushed down by other's "wisdom" and being left on shambles without being able to walk away.

A few years later the song was adapted by tzwah and became one of their bluesier pieces.

One of the first pieces tzwah started to rehearse and arrange together. Wayfaring stranger was kind of the first step of a long walk towards finding and creating the sound of the band.

For sentimental reasons and because it's a great piece it has earned it's place in the repertoire of tzwah.

Composer   //  Melanie Thurner
Arranger //      Melanie Thurner, Georg Hechenberger